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Going Fishing

We’ve been catching a lot of fish at my house over the last few days . . . and they taste a lot like chocolate!

Bok Choy (5) has been asking to play our fishing math game every day for the last week. It’s easy to pull together, quick to play, and easy to clean up–so it’s also one of MY favorite games to play.

Here’s how you can fish in your house: Continue reading


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Math Magic

Time for another great little gem that my family found the other day.

Math and Donald Duck. Who knew that such a combination could be so entertaining? On a day when I could do little more than slap some food on the counter for lunch, this served for a great educational diversion.

And my kids, who are enamored of Pythagoras because we’ve read “What’s Your Angle, Pythagoras,” and “Pythagoras and the Ratios” by Julie Ellis recently, spent the next few days pointing out golden rectangles wherever they could find them.


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Tickets, Please!

So many times, what you CALL an activity determines how FUN the activity is. (Remember Garbage Monster?)

So it is with “ticket math,” another little gem of a game that we pull out from time to time to review facts (mostly math).

Here’s how you play: Continue reading

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Life of Fred

Life of Fred PictureWhy do all math books have to seem so boring? Pages and pages of problems. Standing in rows. Like soldiers in a phalanx that must be mowed down to  conquer.

But math isn’t about mowing down soldiers are moaning at the kitchen counter . . . at least it shouldn’t be. Math is all around us. It’s what gives structure and explains why and how things work.

But we often teach it in neat little rows and columns. We divide and segment it. We isolate it from everything else in the world. And then we wonder why kids think it’s boring.

Except we don’t ALL teach it that way. Continue reading

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Wrong Answer!

A lot of life can feel like its all about getting the “right” answer. When we take a test, interview for a job, or raise our hand to answer a question in church, it often seems like there’s one answer that everyone is searching for. And whoever figures out what that answer is gets labeled as “the smart one.”

But what if giving the wrong answer was the right thing to do? What if it actually stretches you and opens up new possibilities?

Pepper (11) constantly reminds me of this potential. Continue reading

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Geometry of Circles

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Bok Choy’s experiments with triangles and hexagons.

Then I stumbled across this blast from the past. I can still remember sitting on the rough industrial gray carpet in my living room as I watched these circles morph and spin on Sesame Street. I remember the delight I felt at the symmetry and the colors, the simplicity and the complexity.

At some point after that, my joy with math got lost in bubble tests and “writing out the answer.” But as I’ve striven to create a love of math in my kids, I find that my joy at its innate beauty is rekindled.

Perhaps this will light a spark for you, too.

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I Experimented!

I was in the shower the other day when there was a loud knock at the door. Through the roar of the water, I could just make out, “Mom! Mom! I explgherfhalefed!” Since showering leaves all the people in my house unattended and therefore potentially in harms way (mostly from each other!), I strained to clarify what I was hearing.

“What?” I yelled.

“Mom! I explgherfhalefed!” Nope, I wasn’t going to get it with water running into my ears.

But it sounded urgent, so I left my legs unshaved and turned off the water. As I stepped out of the shower stall, I said again, “What’s wrong?” Continue reading

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