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A Lie and the Truth–A Bridge Unit


It’s been awhile. But I’m still here, and I feel compelled to share a potential lie and the truth behind it. In doing so, I want to dispel the myth that all homeschooling activities go well and that all homeschooling children are happy.

Here we go . . .

This week, I decided to try something very different for our homeschool adventure–a unit study. I know, I know, you’d think at this point (9 1/2 years), I would have done this before. Believe me, I’ve tried.

But my children complained, whined, and cried. “I don’t like this.” “This isn’t fun.” “I’m bored.”

They can be hard to please. So I gave up. The years have passed–the complaining ones are older.

Since my early attempts, I’ve done considerable research about my kids’ learning styles. I’ve learned more about what makes learning easy and hard for my kids. I learned, in particular, that I have several kids who are afraid to try ANYTHING new that they don’t have direct experience with.

I decided to try again. I chose to do a unit on “bridges.” Six weeks–two days a week. Lots of hands on activities. A variety of subjects incorporated into a package. My goal was NOT to teach particular information (that will come later), my goal was to simply see IF we could do a unit study together . . . and survive.

Now for the lie– Continue reading



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Inspiring Green Smoothies?

Last time I posted about Keeping It Real, Michelle asked:

I have been making green drinks for a while but haven’t found anything to make kale taste good. What is your smoothly recipe?


While I will NEVER aspire to run a food blog (I know my limitations!), here’s the recipe that I’ve worked out for my family. Continue reading


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Keeping It Real

You may have not even noticed that it’s been awhile since I put fingers to keyboard, but it has been awhile. The desire to share my ideas sits in the back of my brain, and sometimes I give myself a hard time that I’m not writing more.

Then I look around and I realize WHY I’m not writing more right now.

So . . . because I HATE it when people come across as perfect . . . because I absolutely want to keep your perception of my life as real as possible, here is a real-time glimpse into the Perkey house. Continue reading


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