Please respect the hard work that has gone into putting together the ideas below. They represent many hours of research and personal reflection. If you would like to use this information other than for your own personal use, please contact me so that we can work something out.

Phonics Flash Cards

Alphabet Lowercase Flashcards (six of each letter–one letter per page)

Alphabet Uppercase Flashcards (one of each letter)

Alphabet Monster Cards (to be used with Alphabet Monster Phonics Game) Monster graphics from Graphics by Ruth.

Math Flash Cards

Addition Flashcards 0-10

Subtraction Flashcards 0-10

Subtraction Flashcards 11-20

Mutiplication Flashcards 0-10

Multiplication Flashcards 11-12

Division Flashcards

Life Skills Class Pages

The following pages represent a comprehensive (I think!) list of skills each of my children need to acquire to be successful adults. Feel free to modify them for your own family’s needs and interests. However, if you plan on using the lists for anything that your own family, please contact me so we can work something out. Also, please note that the Spiritual Skills Class is specifically LDS.

Arts Skills Class

Auto Skills Class

Clothing Skills Class

Computer Skills Class

Financial Skills Class

Food Skills Class

Health Skills Class

Home and Yard Maintenance Skills Class

Physical Skills Class

Pre-Scholar Skills Class

Social Skills Class

Spiritual Skills Class

Come Play with Me Handouts

I’ve had the fabulous opportunity at presenting my ideas and research to so many wonderful people over the past few years. I love meeting you, listening to your questions and your experiences. I am inspired by your ideas, your perserverence, and your dedication.

In some cases, there have been more of you at my presentations than I had expected, so you left empty-handed. So now, I’m making my handouts for my presentations available online.

Come Play With Me Presentation Handout

Brainstorming Guide