Adventure to Inspire is dedicated to supporting all teachers who wish to inspire the learning adventure. Run by ToriAnn Perkey, Adventure to Inspire acts as a clearinghouse both for information about inspiring learning, as well as reviewing resources and giving examples of inspiring learning activities.

ToriAnn grew up in a home where learning and fun went hand in hand. Now, as a homeschooling mother of four, independently minded children, she has found that inspiring learning and having fun isn’t just a nicety, it’s a necessity. Whether it’s something as complex as building an Egyptian tomb complete with hidden treasure throughout her home or as simple as a story in the car, learning is always an adventure at the Perkey’s–and ToriAnn’s just a long for the ride! When she’s not homeschooling, ToriAnn is a professional storyteller, an aspiring guitarist, a frugal homemaker, and an organizing queen.

ToriAnn lives in Utah, with her husband, Josh, and her four children.

The Primary Actors in this Grand Adventure

  • “Pepper” is a twelve-year-old powerhouse. She is full of big ideas, big energy, and big questions. She’s always creating stories and inventions that stretch the imagination and the laws of physics. She loves anything to do with animals, plants, and the outdoors. She is always looking for the next grand adventure.
  • “Lima Bean” is a tender ten year old. He loves to play with stuffed animals and think about spiritual things. He has always been fascinated by letters and patterns–and will spend hours writing and drawing small letters and pictures over and over again. He came out of the womb dancing, and his body is constantly creating beautiful patterns in space. He has said, “Mom, I was born to dance.”
  • “Pea pod” is a nurturing eight year old. When she’s not playing with her horses or tending to the rest of the family, she loves to color and pretend. She’s becoming a fabulous designer of doll clothing and accessories. But her absolute favorite thing to do is snuggle with her mom and dad.
  • “Bok choy” is an on-the-go six year old. His energy and intense curiosity drive everything he does. He is our budding engineer–figuring out how things work, building newer, bigger, higher, and often destroying to understand. He also delights in making other people laugh and is always looking for the comedy in any situation.