Keeping It Real

You may have not even noticed that it’s been awhile since I put fingers to keyboard, but it has been awhile. The desire to share my ideas sits in the back of my brain, and sometimes I give myself a hard time that I’m not writing more.

Then I look around and I realize WHY I’m not writing more right now.

So . . . because I HATE it when people come across as perfect . . . because I absolutely want to keep your perception of my life as real as possible, here is a real-time glimpse into the Perkey house.

First, half of the forest-formerly-known-as-my-garden. Yikes . . . there used to be paths to walk on!

And more garden. You can just see the empty bed in back waiting for me to plant the fall plants. The garden feels as demanding as my children right now.

We drink a lot of green smoothies–A LOT–so I grow a lot of greens. This is four-weeks growth of Kale from my garden. I decided to dehydrate it all this time because my freezer is stuffed.

Bok Choy (5) made a huge mess under my stairs with chips/crackers/gold fish that I had stashed away. I pulled out all the winter clothes–which I also store under the stairs–so he could vacuum. Two days later, we still haven’t gotten around to vacuuming AND my food storage room is still a mess.

You can’t really see it, but all four kids built a huge fort in the play room. Both couches. All the extra blankets. (Marble run in front was Bok Choy, who got bored!) Not a huge problem–until you see what this game did to the learning room upstairs.

TA DA! This is what my learning room looks like right now. All the tables that normally create shelves were taken to the basement to create forts. Mess creates mess. In two days, my learning room has become out of control. The kids don’t seem to mind. They just sit and color on the floor. If only I felt the same.

There you have it. Some of the big things looming over me right now. So I’ll be back writing about my adventure to inspire soon. But for now, I’m just keeping it real.


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3 responses to “Keeping It Real

  1. Dave

    so wait, who is Bok Choy? Is that a nickname for one of your kids?

  2. Michelle Anderson

    I have been making green drinks for a while but haven’t found anything to make kale taste good. What is your smoothly recipe?
    Thanks for keeping it real.

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