Alphabet Monster

Alphabet Monster GraphicYou may not know this, but my home is over run by monsters.

I don’t know why so many games I make up seems to have monsters in them, but the kids love them, so why quit? (See Garbage Monster for an example.)

Alphabet Monster is one of our favorite monster games. It’s been around since Pepper (11) was just two years old, and I started playing around with teaching her to read. That means that Alphabet Monster is older than my decision to homeschool–wow! Now I’m playing it with my youngest, Bok Choy (5), and it’s still as fun as ever . . . although it has gone through a few variations through the years.

It’s a great game when you’re just teaching the sounds that go with each letter. I’ve played it with just one kid or with all four kids at the same time. And it’s fabulous for the kid who just can’t seem to sit still.

Here’s how you play:

  1. Choose which letter sounds you want to review or learn. Pick the appropriate cards from your stash of letter cards. (What, you don’t have letter cards? Never fear . . . I have created some for you. Click here to download your very own set!) You’ll want up to six of each letter, depending on whether you’re learning or reviewing.
  2. Shuffle the letter cards, and then insert the Alphabet Monster cards into the deck so that they are reasonably spaced. (What, you don’t have Alphabet Monster cards either?!? Well, it’s your lucky day . . . I have some of those for you, as well!)
  3. Sit on the floor with the deck of cards in the middle.
  4. Each person takes a turn turning over a card from the deck. If it’s a letter, everyone makes the appropriate sound. If it’s a monster . . .
  5.  . . . something crazy happens. This is where the game has changed over the years. When it was just my two year old and me, we would chase each other around the house. Once there were several young kids playing, the kid who picked the monster would try to catch the others before they could race around the house and back to their spot. (I would sit and watch.) Once they got older (and more competitive and rougher!), they all just did crazy monster moves while they ran around the house one time. Now I’m back to playing with just one kid. But I’m lazy and don’t want to run. So now Bok Choy and I just tackle each other and do a monster tickle.

Now that I think about it, this game would work with ANY facts that you wanted to review–as long as your monster cards were the same size as your fact cards. Go figure. If you want to use the monster graphics and create your own cards for other games, you can find the originals here.

Ah . . . I love monsters!


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2 responses to “Alphabet Monster

  1. Jessica Valentino

    I’m going to use this! I bet this would work for my son for other facts we need to memorize. I also like your trash monster Idea.

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