Going Fishing

We’ve been catching a lot of fish at my house over the last few days . . . and they taste a lot like chocolate!

Bok Choy (5) has been asking to play our fishing math game every day for the last week. It’s easy to pull together, quick to play, and easy to clean up–so it’s also one of MY favorite games to play.

Here’s how you can fish in your house:

  1. Assemble a fishing pole. For the longest time, I used a plastic chopstick, some yarn, and a clothespin. It definitely worked, but it was a little cumbersome. Recently, we’ve been using the Melissa and Doug magnetic fishing pole that came with our “Under the Sea” puzzle. It’s magnetic, so I have to attach paperclips to my facts.
  2. Collect the facts you want to review. We’ve been using addition flashcards, but you could use any kind of facts.
  3. Determine if you want to include a small treat with each fact. I use a single chocolate chip following my reward guidelines.
  4. Position yourself and the facts on the floor. The kid sits on the couch or chair and “fishes” for the fact. Once they’ve caught the “fish,” they have to give the answer before they can fish again.

I’ve played this game with up to four children at a time, but I’ve found that one or two works best. It starts to get a little tricky managing all the different facts coming at me simultaneously.

This game is one of my favorites because it is so flexible and easy to prepare. And my kids love it because  . . . well . . . fishing is fun!

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