Music Fun and Games

It’s time to drill . . . and no, we are not going to the dentist.

Lima Bean (9) is getting more and more proficient at the piano, but his teacher requested we spend some extra time doing note recognition with flash cards. The ones I found several years ago online are small and only have one staff. I knew it was time to look for something new.

Ah . . . the joys of Google. Five minutes later, I stumbled upon an AMAZING music-teaching resource site. Not only does she offer great flash cards, but also all sorts of games and ideas for teaching music theory, along with a series of technique books.


I love generous people.

If you want to play fun theory games with your kids or are just looking for a little note review, check out Piano Discoveries run by Anne Crosby Gaudet.

The only sad thing is that she lives and teaches in Canada. That’s a little far from Utah for once-a-week lessons. Sigh.

(Actually, we love our current teacher, but this women strikes me as nothing short of amazing. I can only imagine how much her students love to play the piano!)

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