Tickets, Please!

So many times, what you CALL an activity determines how FUN the activity is. (Remember Garbage Monster?)

So it is with “ticket math,” another little gem of a game that we pull out from time to time to review facts (mostly math).

Here’s how you play:

  1. Print out or write the facts that you want to review on a piece of paper.
  2. Cut up the paper so that each fact is on it’s own individual slip. The slips don’t have to be very big–they are the size of a single “ticket”–but you don’t want them so small that they disappear.
  3. Tell your kid that you will “pay” for a certain number of completed tickets. (The amount I pay varies, but usually it is a single treat for four tickets. This follows my rules for rewards and games.)
  4. Hand out the tickets, a pencil, and a container to hold the treats (assuming the kid doesn’t want to just eat them as he goes!)
  5. Stand back as the tickets start flying in your direction. Since we’re usually doing math problems, I correct as they come in . . . sending back any that don’t make the grade.

Another fun way to review those pesky facts. Enjoy!



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