Garbage Monster

What do you get when you combine overflowing garbages, a large empty white garbage sack, a black sharpie, and two boys who aren’t thrilled about working with the family in the morning?

Garbage Monster!

I admit it. I was desperate. Our morning routine was already behind schedule, and everyone seemed extra whiny. So when it came time to empty garbages, my heart sank when both Lima Bean (9) and Bok Choy (5) started complaining that they had been assigned the dirty work.

Part of me wanted to just throw my hands in the air, let the garbages spill out, and go play in the living room.

But then in one of those light bulb moments, I realized we could do ALL THREE  at the same time!

I grabbed a large white kitchen garbage sack and drew a huge “scary” monster face on it. Then while opening and closing the mouth of the bag, I said in my best growly monster voice, “I’m hungry! I must have garbage or I will STARVE. FEED ME!” (Fortunately, no one seemed bothered that this monster consumed his meals through the top of his head!)

Bok Choy was immediately on board. Lima Bean followed reluctantly. But even he couldn’t resist the growing excitement of feeding the garbage monster.

Room by room, we walked. The monster noises grew louder and louder. The monster’s stomach began to bulge.

By the end, it was Lima Bean, now fully engaged, who suggested that we feed the garbage monster to the massive garbage monster that lived outside (our outside garbage can!).

Now the tone in our home was completely different as we all settled down to do our morning devotional. Everyone was laughing and having a good time.

Even better, the next week, Pepper (11) and Bok Choy did garbage monster again. It was just as much fun watching them do it as it was doing it with them. I think Garbage Monster will be visiting often.

Who says cleaning the house has to be boring?


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2 responses to “Garbage Monster

  1. Amy

    It sounds so fun to take out the trash at your house.

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