Image by Ian Sane

Balance is a tricky thing. In life, you have to walk the tightrope between thinking and doing, between dreaming and action.

The last few months have found me wobbling on the wire–wishing I had a tighter safety rope or a longer pole.

I find myself inspiring my kids more . .  more fun activities, more exciting games, more time spent learning together–but that’s leaving me less time to write about the inspiring that I’m doing. Time after time, we would end our official “learning time” with me thinking, “This is going to make a GREAT blog post. I need to get to that. . . . Right after I move that load of laundry, and start dinner, and make that list of fun movies that I want to watch with the kids, and pick the green beans, and mop up the mess that Bok Choy just made, and break up the fight going on in the other room, and sort the library books . . . and . . . and . . . and.”

And then because I haven’t been writing, it’s easy to keep not writing, because life’s patterns seem to reinforce themselves.

But the part of me that can’t STAND not sharing all the cool ideas that I find shouts out from some inner part of my soul and says, “Don’t you DARE quit!”

So I’m kicking myself into gear. I’m getting back on the saddle. I’m heading out onto the high-wire again.

Because balance IS a good thing–just as soon as I finish loading the dishwasher.

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One response to “Balance

  1. Mindy

    Oh, how true! Welcome back!

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