We love building toys at our house. I have been known to say that you can NEVER have too may blocks. So when I discovered Magformers, I must admit I was a little weak in the knees. When I originally saw them in our local edu-fun store, I thought they were awesome but was blown away by how expensive they were. But I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I did some searching online and was excited to find them somewhat discounted at (I know, I was surprised too!) I bought two sets for Christmas, and they were worth every penny that I spent.

[Update December 2011: Currently, you can’t order Magformers anywhere, including QVC. I’ve done a little research and I can’t seem to figure out why. Maybe a supply issue in manufacturing or some issue with patents? Anyway, I hope that they resolve the issue soon. These really are one of the greatest toys of all time.]

[Update July 2012: Finally an answer! Magformers Official Website states: “Magformers manufacturing was suspended in 2010 because the price of the neodymium magnets tripled.  We could no longer produce a toy with a reasonable price. The price of the magnets has fallen somewhat and we are hoping to get back into production late spring of 2012. Check our web site later and hopefully we will have Magformers available for sale again.Click here to visit their website.]

So what are Magformers?

Magformers are plastic shape outlines that encase VERY strong magnets on each side. (So strong, you want to keep them away from anything that’s sensitive to magnetic forces.) These magnets rotate within the plastic frame, so any two pieces will always connect–you don’t have the same issues with north/south polarity that you do with other kinds of magnetic building toys. Because the frames are sturdy, you can build all kinds of three-dimensional shapes. Because the magnets rotate, you can connect the magnets in two dimensions on the floor and then slowly pull it up to create a three-dimensional shape.

While they do come with a few building suggestions, I love how open-ended this toy is. My kids have discovered all sorts of exciting, impossible-to-name three-dimensional shapes. They’ve also built houses, huge block letters, and flying space ships. This toy is so sturdy, we’ve even built a ball that we can gently toss back and forth to one another.

I personally have learned a great deal of geometry playing with this toy. I’m not one to visualize things well, so as I’ve built two- and three-dimensional shapes, my ability to visualize how geometric shapes work has increased. I can only imagine what my kid’s sponge-like brains are getting. I also love talking about how triangles, squares, and other shapes relate as we play.

Finally, I love how they appeal to all ages. They’re completely safe for babies to chew on, kids of all ages love building with them, and even adults can’t seem to keep their hands off.

If you want to check see how these work,QVC has several of their advertisement videos online that you can watch.

As with all the resources that I talk about, I disclose any compensation I receive for reviewing something. Otherwise, it’s just me talking about things that we like in our home.


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7 responses to “Magformers

  1. Amie

    I just read your post and went to the QVC website. They are having a Christmas in July sale now and the 38-piece starter pack for squares and triangles is $18!! Thanks for posting this!! I’ve been wanting to get some, but didn’t want to pay full price! This will be a great Christmas gift!

  2. IDC

    I agree, Magformers are wonderful, however, their customer support leaves a lot to be desired. I have been emailing Rainbow Products for the last week regarding the exact magnetic gauss strength of their tiny magnets and have yet to receive an answer. My class love using these creative construction panels but one of my kids has a hearing aid and again, I need to know the exact magnet gauss strength between two of their magnets to ensure they are not the cause of the hearing aids malfunctions. I know it is between 2000-3000 gauss, but not the precise reading. If you can make any headway, I would be very appreciative. I am reaching out to any and all Magformer websites. We will succeed. Thanks in advance & keep buying those fabulous Magformers !!

    • taperkey

      Considering how little information I can find about why you can’t buy magformers ANYWHERE, it makes me wonder if there is something on a corporate level going on with the company. It’s a shame, because they continue to be one of my all-time favorite free-play learning toys.

  3. Janice

    people are just buying them and selling them on ebay, amazon ect for outragous amounts.. Just like the did at Christmas with the Leapad Touch .

  4. nckhawk

    There apparently was or still is a pretty nasty war going on between the husband and wife team who produce this toy. It was affecting their business for awhile and may still be. A nice product though – hope they get it figured out.

    • taperkey

      I recently heard the same thing. It’s so sad. Hopefully they get things sorted out and figure out how to share the royalties from the patent so that the world can have more!

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