Process, Not Product

I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently about the idea of process, not product. “Process” is the steps you take as you move forward in life towards your goals. “Product” is the outcome of a project or the end result of your work. (I have tons more to say about this in some future post!)

Some people are very good at focusing on process. They take risks. They see failure as a step toward success. They appreciate the messy, unpredictable, creative parts of making something new. They intuitively enjoy the journey as they live life.

They are not me.

I am a product-focused person. I want to do things right–and I want to do them perfectly. I do not want other people to see me in process, but instead I want to draw back the curtain to show a beautifully crafted, final masterpiece. (At least, that’s how it works in my mind! Real life tends to laugh at my dreams! Hah!)

So, starting a website/blog has been a huge step for me. It’s constantly changing and evolving. It’s unpredictable and unwieldy. It’s never perfect. I find it very scary sometimes.

I’m bearing my soul here so that you’ll hopefully be patient with me over the next while as I work slowly to add a lot more content to my site. You’ll see that I’m in the process (yikes, there’s that ugly word!) of adding links, book lists, and handouts that I think you will find helpful as you try to be more inspiring for your kids.

It also means that I won’t have time to write my regular posts about theory, ideas, and resources for awhile. (Yes, alas, I must also continue to cook, clean, and pay attention to my children.)

But never fear! I’m striving to be more process orientated–because it turns out the research says that process-orientated people are lot happier and a lot less stressed (who knew!?!). So, this website–my work-in-process–will be back to it’s normal self soon enough.

And if it isn’t, the new normal will be part of the process, too! (She says, taking deep breaths and forcing herself to think: “Process, not product. Process, not product.”)

Welcome to the world behind my curtain.


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7 responses to “Process, Not Product

  1. Amy

    So it’s not hard to figure out where Pepper gets her frustration at not getting the violin pieces perfect the first time:)
    I am the same way. . .

    • taperkey

      So true! I always think we are sooooo different, but then someone goes and points out that the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree! You’d think I would be more patient . . .

  2. Excellent post! This is a great example of beginning with an intriguing principle and moving into the practical, a structured approach to a topic that fits you nicely!

    By the way, you do all that cooking, cleaning, and running a household marvelously. I know a few kids (4 of them) and a dad who would be clueless with you!

  3. Dani

    Dang it I’m a product person too. ::sigh:: there is hope…

  4. Amy

    Thank you for all your posts. I am learning a lot from you! Your website isn’t perfect? You fooled me! I, too, prefer the feeling of a project completed, however, mine tend to be a little less perfect than the Perkey’s….ha, ha, ha.

    • taperkey

      It’s all a just thin veneer that I put on for others. My life is just as messy and crazy as everyone else’s. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get a real peek into the “real life” of each family. I think we would all feel a lot better about what we’re doing with our own families!

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