Pathway Math

I have always been intrigued by pathways. I love wandering pathways in the woods. I love stone paths in manicured gardens. I love fallen logs across bubbling brooks. Each offers a sense of mystery and excitement–a chance to explore areas unknown.

Sadly, there are no such pathways in my house, where I find myself spending most of time. So I suppose it’s only natural that I’ve found ways to incorporate pathways into our homeschool. I call it “Pathway Math.”

Pathway Math

  1. Write each math problem on an individual piece of paper.
  2. Lay each problem out in a path along the floor. Spread the papers far enough a part that your kid can sit behind each problem to work it but not so far apart that they can’t tell where the path leads.
  3. Let the path curve around walls, under chairs, and through doorways. The more mystery, the better.
  4. If you want, place a small treat every fourth or fifth problem along the path–like a small treasure waiting to be discovered.
  5. At the end of the path, include a slightly larger reward (treat or small prize) to indicate that the pathway adventure has come to an end.

When your kid is all done with his path, you can have him collect all the papers and bring them to you to check. I’m a big fan of writing smiley faces or stars on each correct problem. It seems to soften the blow of the few that they get wrong.

Where will your kid’s pathway lead?

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  1. Last year my favorite run/walk had a somewhat hidden, wandering pathway, a wooden stairway, mossy covered, intriguing, mystical, magical, adventure inspiring! My walks always get longer when there are bends to explore…whats this bend like, or this! How fun to discover a fellow pathway lover! What a great idea to do the Math pathways! :)

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