Obstacles to Learning ARE the Goal

Spring can be a beautiful time of year . . .

Unless someone forgets to tell the rain clouds and they don’t ever let the sunshine through. Then spring can be long and wet. Spring can be dark and dreary. Spring can be longer, wetter, and drearier when you have kids running around (and around and around and around!) the house all day. So I’m always on the look out for ways to learn a few facts AND get out a few wiggles.

When I realized that I could accomplish both by setting up an obstacle course in my living room, I nearly jumped off the couch for joy!

Indoor Learning Obstacle Course

1. Decide the facts you want to review.

The great part about this game is that, unlike other games, you don’t have to separate the facts into individual pieces of paper or rewrite anything. You can read them straight out of a book or off a piece of paper.

2. Arrange an obstacle course.

I usually create an obstacle course in one room in my house, but you could do several. The goal is to make your kid go over, under, around–jumping, climbing, and running as many times as possible. Try to arrange stools to jump off, chairs or tables to climb under, couches to roll down, pillows on the floor to hop across.

3. Station yourself at the “beginning” of the course.

If you set up your course in a circle, the only indication of a beginning or an end will be wherever you position yourself. You want your kid to go around and around, stopping only to review a fact as they pass you.

Think about it. Fifteen facts reviewed–fifteen times around an obstacle course–possibly fifteen minutes of an exhausted kid resting quietly. Awesome.

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One response to “Obstacles to Learning ARE the Goal

  1. Oh, I LOVE this idea! I need indoor ideas for when it gets over 100 degrees. We have so few rainy days, it’s usually a change to stay in and chill out. But the dog days of summer can drag on… thanks for sharing!

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