Puzzling a Sentence

When Pepper was younger, helping her learn to read was a real challenge. She didn’t take to the idea of letters becoming words at all. And because it was hard, she was easily overwhelmed and had no intrinsic desire to try.

But reading was important to me . . . and I knew that it would be important to her. So I devised all sorts of games to help her enjoy what was, for her, a difficult process.

One of the games that she enjoyed playing was “sentence puzzles.” Here’s how you play:

  1. Write or type each sentence that your kid needs to read.
  2. Cut each sentence out so that it stands alone.
  3. Cut each individual sentence into two pieces–using a unique cut for each sentence.
  4. Hand the entire batch to your kid and tell them to fit the pieces back together.
  5. Ask them to read each sentence to you.

I got my sentences from The Reading Lesson, which I used as a spine for our phonics. It gave me an increasingly difficult set of words and sentences to work with. I would type the sentences out and print them on cardstock to make them a little more durable.

Once we got to about chapter 6, Pepper didn’t need the same intensive games that she needed at the beginning. But she still loves to do puzzles. And she loves to read.

So . . . what could your kid puzzle about?

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