Chalk It Up to Good Times

Spring is here!

Time to pull the bikes out of storage, rediscover the jump ropes and basketballs, and dig out the sidewalk chalk!

10 Ways to Use Sidewalk Chalk to Inspire Learning

  1. Write math problems for your kids to solve. Draw big smiley faces when they get them right.
  2. Play hopscotch but write letters to sound out instead of numbers.
  3. Practice skip counting by writing one number per sidewalk square. Have your kid ride their bike back and forth as they shout out the numbers. The louder the better.
  4. Draw a huge letter. Have your kid run the shape to learn how to form the letter.
  5. Draw stepping stones and have your kid say multiplication facts as they jump from stone to stone. Include “obstacles” for your kids to avoid–like a rushing river or a hungry monster.
  6. Create a street by drawing a dotted line down the middle of the sidewalk. Draw a stop sign or toll both and only allow your kids to pass on their scooters if they pay the toll. Alter the amount owed each time so they can practice counting exact change.
  7. Draw arrows to follow on the sidewalk. Between each arrow have a spelling word to stop and spell. Do a few easy and silly ones.
  8. Write a series of numbers on the driveway. Give verbal story problems and then have your kids race to stand on the right answer. Make it harder by insisting they have to hop, skip, or jump instead of run.
  9. Draw large geometric shapes. Go on a outdoor shape treasure hunt and put the things you find inside each drawn shape.
  10. Ask one kid to draw a large, random shape or line. Then you, or another kid, creates a picture using that line or shape as the inspiration. Artist berets are optional.

The options are unlimited . . . what could YOUR family learn with sidewalk chalk?

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  1. Julie

    I love this! Time to go buy some more chalk….

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