Easter Egg Hunt

Easter eggs are not just for Easter! I love using them year round to help inspire my kids to review a few math facts, spelling words, or vocabulary. In fact, Easter egg hunts are a great way to review any kind of fact.

I’ve saved my plastic Easter eggs over the years, but if you don’t have any, now is a great time to pick some up at the store. (If you’re really patient, you can wait until after the holiday and save even more!)

To play Easter Egg Hunt (Easter Bunny ears are optional.)

  1. Write each fact on a single small slip of paper.
  2. Put the fact, along with a small treat–like a single chocolate chip–into the Easter egg. If I have more than one kid playing, I will assign each kid a color so that they only hunt for their own eggs. (And I give strong warnings to each kid to NOT “help” someone else find their egg unless that kid asks for help!) Depending on how many eggs I’m using and how hard the fact is, I’ll sometimes put two or even three facts per egg, but I try not to overwhelm them. Six to eight total eggs seem to be the perfect amount to keep their attention.
  3. Banish your kids to the basement while you hide the eggs around the room. Or if the weather is nice, you can hide them outside. (Just remember that chocolate melts if it gets hot–I learned this the hard way!)
  4. Call the kids up and let them hunt. After they find their eggs, they can work on their facts while eating their treats. Sometimes they eat them first and then do the work, sometimes they eat them while they go, and sometimes they save them until the end. Their choice!

If you’re kids are older, you can have them do most of the work. Sometimes my kids will cut up the paper, I’ll write the fact or math problem, and then they fill the egg with both the paper and the treat. It doesn’t seem to take away from the fun at all, and it saves me a lot of work.

This is also a great game for older siblings to play with younger ones. They love to hide the eggs and then help their younger brother or sister find them.

“Hoppy” hunting!


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2 responses to “Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Carolyn

    Great idea! My daughter will Love it :)

  2. What fun! We tried it and the boys had a ball. I put letters and numbers in the eggs for my three year old and spelling words for my five year old.

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