The Adventure Begins!

Inspiring a child is like going on a grand adventure. It can be dirty and exhausting, messy and unpredictable, and down-right hard. But it also can be exhilarating, delightful and fun! It all comes down to how you look at it and the tools you have to work with.

If you know some of the basics of inspiring, you can make your job just a little easier. You’ll have fundamentals that you can build on and combine to create a unique learning environment and unique learning experiences that are perfectly matched to the person you’re trying to inspire.

The goal of this website is to share these fundamentals, along with examples and resources, to inspire you as you inspire others.

Exciting things await you as you begin to inspire the learning adventure. You just have to take the first step down the path. Are you ready? Let’s go!


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3 responses to “The Adventure Begins!

  1. Kate

    Oh my gosh Lillian! This website is awesome! I am so ready to go down the path!

  2. jstba5

    I am ready too!

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